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Month: June 2018

Raj Prem Will Represent “Sticky Fingers” By Peter Webb At SFAE

Raj Prem, the exceptional curator and collector globally renowned for his photography exhibitions, featuring rock icons from the decades of 1960s and 1970s is thrilled to represent Peter Webb and his unseen series “Sticky Fingers” of Photographs at SFAE. The photographs appeared post four decades of being misplaced in the attic of Peter Webb’s brother-in-law, and they have appeared in up-to-date issues of Rolling Stone and Wall Street Journal. They were first exhibited by Prem in the SFAE “Decca Years” exhibition seven years ago, which was co-produced by him. The San Francisco Art Exchange, also known as SFAE, was the primary gallery in the world to show music photography field, and is probably the most successful channel for celebrity photography. Till the current date, Raj Prem and SFAE have worked together on over 40 exhibitions in over 18 years, working with photographers comprising Robert Freeman (“Beatles for Sale” exhibition in 2013), Iain MacMillan (best-selling Abbey Road Collection), Terry O’Neill, and Pattie Boyd.

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Raj Prem Hopes to Enhance the Understanding of the Beatles’ fans

Raj Prem’s latest exhibition was an outcome of the unending desire around everything to do with The Beatles. Prem’s aim was to give fans that already have an extensive knowledge of the band something never seen before. This made him fashion a series of exceptional photos during some of group’s most noticeable years in the 1960s. The Beatles photography exhibition aims to develop the same kind of ecstasy and elation that fans earlier felt over half a century ago.

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Raj Prem On Previously Unreleased Beatles Photographs

Depicting the culture of rock music between 1963 and 1972, Raj Prem’s collection has been displayed in different countries and galleries worldwide, including the United States, U.K., Dubai, Japan, and the Netherlands. He has help critically acclaimed exhibitions including The Decca Years, which highlights the works of Philip Townsend, Michael Cooper, and Dominique Tarle during the band’s rise from chart hits to rock movement leaders. Prem is pursuing in Bonis’ Beatles photographs to complement the many pieces he has showcased in nearly 100 exhibitions, featuring the works of photographers like Robert Freeman, David Hurn, iain macmillan et al who have documented John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr for more than four decades.

Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfsSVJUbe9E

Raj Prem To Contribute Photos To Rolling Stones Photobook

The collection of Raj Prem is of mythical reputation in rock photography circles. Featuring snaps of the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Hendrix, and Dylan among others, his life’s work has been tracking down the rarest and most captivating images he could find. In order to provide access to the best images for fans, he also collaborates with photographers – representing some, managing their archives and hosting exhibitions. A true entrepreneur of photo collecting, Prem is a long time collaborator with the San Francisco Art Exchange (SFAe), and launched the world’s first rock photography show in 1997, highlighting his belief that the best photos are indeed fine art. He has worked alongside many great photographers, with Gered Mankowitz, Robert Freeman, Michael Joseph, Iain Macmillan, Michael Cooper, Peter Webb, Jerry Schatzberg, Dominique Tarlê, Terry O’Neill, and Pattie Boyd among them. Prem holds a special feeling for the Rolling Stones, however. Photographs such as those from the Stones’ 1965 US tour shown at that very first exhibition along with those from “The Decca Years”, an exhibition which depicted the Rolling Stones climb from chart toppers to leaders of the counter culture movement, continue to wow fans and were procured largely because of Prem’s insistence. In Keith Richards’ best-selling autobiography Life, a large number of the photos are credited to ‘the Raj Prem collection’.

Read more: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/raj-prem-pattie-boyd-showcase-040954994.html

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