The 200 images are part of 3,500 previously never seen before photos shot by Bob Bonis, U.S. tour manager of the Beatles and Rolling Stones between 1964 and 1966. The images remained private through Bonis’ life and stayed unseen in his basement even after his death in 1992. It was only until five years ago that the photos were discovered, when Bob’s son, Alex Bonis, decided to roll out 10 pictures per month over the period of two whole years. Retailed through eBay’s art and collectibles store, the photos are priced starting from $175 for 11 by 14 inch prints all the way to over $625 for 20 by 24 inch prints. They are sold first-come-first-serve instead through an auction and 10% of the proceeds will benefit the Grammy Foundation, the Grammy Museum, and other renowned charities. The Grammy Museum also offered to provide a certificate of authenticity with each limited-edition print, a gesture Prem believes can surge the value of the pictures and make them worth more than their actual cost.

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