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Month: January 2018

Raj Prem’s Curated Photographs Of The Rolling Stones Featured In New Book

It’s a known fact that perspectives in music are some of the most individual that exist, so generic statements about songs and artists are often difficult to back up credibly. Nonetheless, there are some that are simply impossible to argue. One of those few usually held opinions is certainly that The Rolling Stones are one of the top rock and roll bands of all time. From even just a musical perspective, a certain case can be made as the band has fashioned some of the most outstanding and iconic songs the category has seen. Though, it may be the illustrative aspect of the band that really makes them stand out from the rest. The Rolling Stones set the level for how a rock band should appear and act. Now, German publisher TASCHEN, editor Reuel Golden, and the band itself is offering an unmatched look into their fifty-year history in a collectible book titled merely “The Rolling Stones”. And along with photos and graphics from the band’s personal archives, many formerly unseen, famous photo collector and exhibition curator, Raj Prem, has provided a number of stunning prints for this definitive book.

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Raj Prem Continues His Success With Beatles Photo Exhibits

The hype throughout Raj Prem’s newest exhibit follows his continued success working alongside the San Francisco Art Exchange (SFAE). The established curator feels that working with the SFAE has been an important part of this and many other rock-based showcases. “I value the opportunity to work with SFAE owners and directors Jim Hartley and Theron Kabrich,” Prem noted. “We’ve done 40 plus exhibitions together over 18 years. SFAE was the first gallery in the world to showcase the music photography genre and is probably the most successful outlet for celebrity photography.” Prem stated that the Beatles photography is only one of many exhibitions he has facilitated with the SFAE in his career. He said “Jointly we’ve co-produced several exhibitions of top UK and US photographers, including Robert Freeman, Iain MacMillan, Terry O’Neill and Dominique Tarle .” For Prem, this 50-year Beatles anniversary exhibit will not only reinvigorate old fans about their musical heroes, but also give newer fans direct information into what rock music believes in.

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Raj Prem Looks At Rare Beatles Photos Through New Lense

The obsession with all things Beatles drove curator Raj Prem’s new exhibit. Prem’s declared goal was to gives fans something new to witness. This drove him to identify a series of seldom seen photographs taken during some of group’s most pivotal times since the 1960s. The Beatles exhibition will generate the same type of excitement and interest that they originally felt more than 50 years back.

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Raj Prem Notes Photography Exhibit Getting Deeper At Beatles’ Lives

This type of ongoing demand for the Beatles is a driving force behind curator Raj Prem’s latest exhibition. Prem’s declared goal was to gives fans who already have a comprehensive understanding of the band something even more. This prompted him to identify a series of never seen photographs during some of group’s formative years in the 1960s. The Beatles photography exhibition aims to generate the same type of excitement and enthusiasm that fans originally felt over 50 years back.

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Raj Prem To Disclose Rare Beatles Photos At SFAE Exhibit

Musical curator, Raj Prem will release a new series of rare and mostly unseen photographs of the world’s favorite Fab Four: The Beatles. The news comes on the heels of another major moment for these legends of rock and roll – the 50 year mark since the band’s first iconic concert and appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in the United States. As BeatleMania skyrocketed the group into the spotlight globally, the desire to get more access into the Beatles’ lives behind the scenes grew exponentially. Fans wanted to see all aspects of them and get a peek into the private lives. Legends like photog Robert Freeman brought this to light by getting intimate access into the band’s world and showcasing them with some of the pictures of the history of rock.

Read more: https://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwart/article/Raj-Prem-Presents-Upcoming-Show-at-Proud-Galleries-in-London-20150430

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